Visual art transformed in design & creation

Initially fascinated by the visual possibilities of digital photography and then advanced image processing.

Tasted of training at free academies to pick up classical painting and coloring techniques. Consciously leave this path to be able to work creatively and innovatively

through a mix of technical knowledge from IT & engineering.

The vision is to display classic beauty and emotional charge in an innovative way, and to use technology as an X factor. Ideally, this creates a lasting fascination.

My trademark is a consciously “different” approach to a challenge. What is worth investigating?
Distance yourself from what already exists, and create wonder by creating an alternative result.

I am a visual remixer. Samples of photos, styles, and color patterns are cut, transformed, and pasted into new flavors of visual expression. Reinventing the basic idea, and reassembling it with new techniques & materials. Is it Visual Remixer or Color-DJ now?

Anyway, mixed-media work only becomes interesting thanks to contrasts: e.g. plexiglas and 3D effect, in combination with old-school oil or acrylic paint. By aligning this with the theme, the message gets extra depth. With much try & error, each style series was refined to maintain its own signature.

An art story only exists by the grace, appreciation and involvement of the viewer. In that sense, UR art also reads as “yoU aRe art”: a tribute to the art lover who is part of the experience.

Visual remixer or color-dj